Rx Pharmacy Prices

Rx Cut is the cure for a financial problem with immeasurable personal cost.

That problem is the high cost of prescription drugs.

A cost that takes its toll on families in many ways, not just in money but in health itself.

Our mission is to cure this medical problem , and to make prescription medications available at lower prices to millions of consumers across America.

Rx Cut is committed to ensuring that no one goes without the meds they need to live a healthy, happy life.

Whether you have good insurance, bad insurance, or no insurance at all, Rx Cut can save you money at over 60,000 pharmacies nationwide.

We’re the first company to develop a proprietary technology to group pharmacies and patients together, creating the strength to negotiate the lowest drug prices possible.

We’re also the first company to allow patients to compare the purchase price their medications online before they purchase and pick them up at their local pharmacy.

Rx Cut believes that lower drug prices are healthier for everyone.

Lower drug prices can put an end to skipping doses or stopping medication altogether.

The RxCut drug pricing tool puts an end to sticker shock at the pharmacy counter.

Lower drug prices mean Americans can take the drugs they’re prescribed without worrying about the cost.

Rx Cut believes that no one should have to stress about taking their medications.

Many of the drugs that people need every day have unacceptably high prices.  And yet, in spite of the general outrage at the problem, no one seems to know how much a drug actually costs — or how much it should cost.

At Rx Cut, we do.  And we offer this transparency to everyone.  Our prescription price comparison tool is available to all, showing the same low price for everyone, everywhere.

The Rx Cutprice is the real price.  And the only one you’ll ever have to pay.

We’re proud to be able to fill this long-overdue prescription for American health, and to finally give Americans the drug prices they deserve.

RxCut Discount Card. The cure for high drug prices.

Pharmacy Discount Card

Looking for the lowest drug pricing available for your prescription? RxCut Pharmacy Discount Card Drug Savings Network’s online drug pricing lookup tool helps you compare price at local pharmacies.

Get your free prescription savings card now. This pharmacy program is free and you are already approved.

Get your PharmacyDiscountCard for FREE here. Print, Email or Download the  PharmacyDiscountCard, RX discount card by RxCut pharmacy savings program. Save up to 85%* on prescription drugs at your local pharmacy with or without insurance with a PharmacyDiscountCard from RxCut Discount Pharmacy Network.

Create your free  pharmacydiscountcard. This program provides discounts on both brand and generic medications.

Important facts you should know:

These cards are pre-activated and ready to use right now. Just show the card to your pharmacist every time and save.

Save on every FDA-approved medicine, both generics and brands, and save on “out-of-network” purchases even if you have insurance.

Your privacy is protected. We do not rent or sell your personal information.

The RxCut Pharmacy Discount Card is Honored at U.S. pharmacies everywhere, including:

  • – Walgreens
  • – Rite Aid
  • – Target
  • – Costco
  • – Good Neighbor
  • – Giant Eagle
  • – Safeway
  • – Meijer
  • – Winn-Dixie
  • – Kroger
  • – Pathmark
  • – Wegmans
  • – Plus over 50,000 more


The RxCut PharmacyDiscountCard:

  • Is free for everyone – both insured and uninsured
  • Covers all FDA approved prescription medications
  • Is easy to use with no registration, activation or restrictions due to preexisting conditions
  • Has unlimited use– show it every time you fill a prescription

RxCut has partnered with United Way and more than 100,000 community organizations, government agencies, pharmacies, health systems and businesses to make medications more affordable and accessible.

The RxCut Prescription Savings Card